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Meghan Markle's First Royal Gift Has Been Revealed

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Everyone loves presents, and the royal family is no exception.

Every January, the royal family releases an extensive list of all the gifts that they receive throughout the past year, and no present is spared.

In 2017, Prince George and Princess Charlotte received several gifts, including books, toy trains and planes, coloring books, toys, and lollipops, PEOPLE reported.

Kate Middleton was given several new dresses, earrings, and handbags during her July trip to Poland and Germany, and Prince William picked up plenty of books, a vase and, and a pair of knitted booties.

But the question every is asking is what did Meghan Markle, the soon-to-be member of the royal family, receive this year?

With Markle and Prince Harry set to wed on May 19th, it's no surprise the bride-to-be has been included in the comprehensive list of presents the royal family received this past calendar year.

Markle's first royal present was given to her via the future king of England, who accepted the gift on behalf of Markle and Harry during his official visit to Finland, two days after the couple announced their impending marriage.

But what was her first official royal gift? It was an apron!

While the gift may be confusing for some people, it's a fitting present for Markle and Harry, who often spend their time together cooking in the kitchen.

Harry came in with quite a haul, as he was presented with plenty of gifts for him and his future bride, which included two jackets, two leather holdall bags, two leather belt-bags, two leather zipped pouches, two leather passport holders, four leather wristbands, two ice hockey pucks, two baseball caps, two t-shirts and two sports polo shirts.

However, it was Queen Elizabeth II who received the most impressive gifts.

Her Royal Highness received the Union Jack flag from Major Tim Peake's spacesuit, who was the first British citizen to be a part of the crew in the International Space Station. She also received a purple fleece dog bed for her corgis, a handmade silk scarf, and glittery ointments for her Christmas tree.

Which gift do you think is the most impressive?

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