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Meghan Markle Being Prepped For Hostage Situation

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Prince Harry is a trained military combatant, retiring from duty in 2015 after 10 years of service.

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Despite his training, he won't always be with future-wife to protect her. That's why the actress will undergo military training from the British Special Air Service, which is standard for royals-to-be.

Kate and Diana underwent the same training, which focuses on how to deal with a hostage situation. According to Scott Jones, director of a security firm in London, the training will last about a week. It will train her how to deliver distress signals if she's held hostage and is forced to record a video. These signals include keywords, micro-expressions, and other behaviors to signify to law enforcement that she is in distress. Markle will also learn some basic psychological techniques to deal with potential captors.

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A source from the British Armed Forces says the training won't involve weapons or combat, and will primarily be focused on "facilitating a rescue."

It's unclear as to when the training will take place, but it will most likely be as soon as possible.

Do you think all political figures should have to go through this type of training?

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