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Meghan Markle Breaks Protocol For Emotional Reunion With Instagram Fan

Hannah Sergel/Twitter

There's a reason why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are adored by so many people all over the world.

As we've witnessed on multiple occasions, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are not afraid to ditch some of the outdated royal rules, and this makes them just a little bit more relatable to the average person.

While on their first ever royal tour, the charming couple made lasting impact on some of the people of Australia, Fiji, Tonga, and New Zealand, and among them is Meghan's biggest fan, Hannah Sergel.

Hannah first came into contact with Meghan through social media. She and the Suits alum used to exchange messages, some of which were words of encouragement and wisdom from the duchess.

"I was friends with her on Instagram before she had to deactivate her account. We used to have conversations and stuff on there," the 20-year-old explained in an interview with 1 News now NZ. "She would tell me to do well at university and encourage me to be myself."

After losing touch, Hannah didn't think she would ever get the chance to talk with Meghan again, but little did she knows the universe had bigger plans for her.

When she found out that Meghan and Harry were coming to Auckland, New Zealand, the college student traveled all the way from her hometown of Christchurch to welcome the couple.

Luck happened to be on Hannah's side that day, and the pregnant duchess was able to spot her in the crowd during the walkabout and rushed over to her.

"Oh my gosh! How are you?" Meghan asked Hannah before breaking protocol to share an emotional hug with her fan.

"It means the world to me," Hannah told 1 News. "I am so shaky and flustered. When I first saw her, I cried."

In another interview with E! News, Hannah described Meghan has "lovely and kind" even though she was being rushed.

"I'm just so grateful I got the opportunity to meet her face to face and never expected a hug," she added. "I'm still on cloud nine to be honest!"

In addition to the embrace and the few words they exchanged, Hannah was able to give the royal a letter, which Meghan immediately passed on to her husband for safekeeping.

The video of Meghan and Hannah's reunion has since gone viral and many royal watchers have praised the duchess for being so sweet and down to earth. Many noted that despite her new status, she still makes time for her fans.

During the walkabout, Meghan and Harry also had the chance to meet another royal fan, 10-year-old Max Henry.

The young boy, who met Prince William and Kate Middleton when they were in New Zealand in 2014, asked for individual selfies with the couple so he could complete his collection.

What a lovely gesture on Meghan's part. It's no wonder those close to her are comparing her to the late Princess Diana.

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