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Melania Trump Grants A Special Christmas Wish For A Mother-Of-Two

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There's no doubt that the White House sees its fair share of mail, especially during this time of the year. One letter addressed to First Lady Melania Trump, however stood out from the rest.

Candace Schumacher, a mother of two from South Dakota, penned her Christmas wish and sent it off not expecting much to come from it.

She has always loved Christmas and especially loves to spread joy by decorating.

The mother takes a particular interest in Christmas decor and has spent years decorating other people's homes both inside and out. She even had the opportunity to decorate the South Dakota Capitol.

Since she took such an interest in the tradition, she wanted to know who decorates the White House for Christmas, a job that always seemed overwhelming to her.

Surprised to learn that the First Lady is tasked with making every arrangement, she decided to pen a letter.

That's when a return letter from Melania Trump made its way to Schumacher's house, saying “her dream had just come true.”

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