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Melania Trump's Outfit Has People Convinced She Isn't Wearing Any Pants

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It's like the dress debate all over again, but this time, instead of people arguing over the color of the dress, people are wondering if Melania Trump is wearing pants or not.

The First Lady recently joined her husband President Donald Trump on a surprise Boxing Day trip to visit the American troops in Iraq as well as in Germany, and of course, her style was yet again a topic of conversation.

There was nothing out of the ordinary with her first two outfits; the mother of one kept it casual in jeans, boots, and a mustard suede jacket while in Iraq, then for her German stop, she opted for a black jacket and green pants.

But it was her final outfit that stirred up quite the confusion among people on the internet.

Melania was photographed deplaning the Air Force One at Maryland's Joint Base Andrews, and at first glance, it seems like she isn't wearing any pants all.

See it for yourself in the video below:

The wrinkles in the flesh-hued pants as she walks down the stairs make it obvious that the FLOTUS has bottoms on.

In dimmer light, you can see that the leather pants are a few shades darker than her actual skin tone.

Melania and Donald Trump at Joint Base Andrews
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Still, it's really easy to see why folks on social media were initially very taken aback by Melania's bare leg look.

Some people were even convinced that she was wearing a mini skirt or a short coat dress.

There were also plenty of baffled Twitter users who questioned Melania's choice to wear sunglasses when it is dark outside, with many suggesting that she should get herself stylist.

This wouldn't be the First Lady's first fashion faux pas this year. A few months ago, Melania made headlines over her choice of outerwear during a trip to McAllen, Texas to visit an immigrant children's shelter.

For the unannounced trip, she wore an olive green jacket that read, "I really don't care. Do u?" in bold white graffiti-style writing.

She was accused of being "tone deaf" and "insensitive," especially in the current political climate, but Melania and her PR team later clarified that she was not making a statement by wearing the controversial jacket.

"I wish people would focus on what I do, not what I wear," Melania later said. However, her wish fell on deaf ears, and people were back to talking about her wardrobe right after.

Did you also think Melania was not wearing pants at first?

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