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Three Men Robbed A Donut Store, Only To Give It All Away


Thieves have a habit of taking, not giving.

If a masked and armed group of people storm a store, their only motive is to get the thing they desire most, whether it be money or any other kind of valuable item.

A large selection of delicious donuts available at a Shipley Do-Nuts location.Shipley Do-Nuts

When customers at a donut store in Houston, Texas saw three masked men enter the restaurant on a Monday afternoon, they weren't expecting a reward.

Security cameras at Shipley Do-Nuts caught the moment where two men hopped over the counter and demanded money from the cash register.

One masked robber demands the store employee to open the cash while he points a handgun at her. YouTube

One of the men waved around a handgun. Another masked thief briefly chatted with both customers, and asked them to put their cellphones on the table before he collected them.

"Sweet treats: The suspect then hands donuts out to customers whose cell phones he had taken."Daily Mail

Once the two men emptied the cash register, the third man took a few donuts from behind the counter and handed them out to the customers.

However, the robber did not return the customer's cellphones, leaving the scared customers to stare at their free donuts.

Here's the video of the robbery.

Police are still searching for the robbers. They ask that anyone who has information regarding the incident or can help identify any of the three suspects to contact local authorities.

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