Meryl Streep Reveals She And Cher Fought Off An Attacker Together

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Meryl Streep and Cher have a lot in common. Both women are Academy award-winning actresses (they even starred in a 1983 film together), philanthropists, women's rights activists, have fantastic vocals as well as dancing skills, and have previously fought off an attacker together.

Yes, you read that right. Two of Hollywood's biggest stars are not to be messed with on or off set.


Meryl, 68, went into details about her and Cher's encounter with a mugger during her speech at the 2017 Committee to Protect Journalists International Press Freedom Awards in New York, where she presented an award to Mexican journalist Patricia Mayorga.

She addressed the room by touching on the current movement of women opening up about dealing with violence and abuse. She shared her own personal experience with "real physical violence."

"I do know something about real terror," she said. "The two times in my life when I was threatened and dealt with real physical violence, I learned something about life that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. I was lucky because my instincts served me well."


"I played dead, and waited till the blows stopped, watching, like people say you do, from somewhere about 50 feet above where I was beaten," The Mamma Mia! star explained.

She then went on to talk about the second incident, during which she and Cher were courageous enough to go after the assailant.

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