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They Found A 240-year-old Message Inside The Butt Of A Jesus Statue

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CEN/Da Vinci Restauro

A 240-year-old secret message has been found in a wooden statue of Jesus Christ, located in the secret compartment of the statue’s derriere.

The statue, called Cristo del Miserere, was removed from the church of Santa Águeda in Sotillo de la Ribera, Spain, for restoration. The conservators at the company found a note by dislodging a removable piece of the statue that covered its butt, Science Alert reports.

The note seemed to be intentionally hidden away for hundreds of years, in what seemed to be an act to form an early rendition of a time capsule.

“Although it is usual for many sculptures to be hollow, it is not so much to find handwritten documents inside,” historian Efrén Arroyo, a member of the Holy Week Brotherhood of Sotillo de la Ribera, said.

While the message was an unexpected find, it was what was written on the hidden document that was the most surprising.

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