Michael Jackson's Youngest Son Is All Grown Up, Here's What 'Blanket' Looks Like Now

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Remember that baby dangling scandal that Michael Jackson was involved in back in 2002? Well that baby is now a teenager and is finally stepping out into the public eye.

The late King of Pop has always kept his youngest, Prince Michael Jackson II better known by his nickname "Blanket", under the radar. Even after his shocking death, Blanket continued to maintain a very low profile.

Unlike his older siblings, Paris and Prince I, who often attend industry events and maintain active social media accounts, not much is known about the teen.

Blanket was only 7-years-old when his entertainer father died from a lethal combination of prescription drugs. Many of us last saw him at Michael's tribute concert in 2011.


Last week, he was finally spotted around Los Angeles while enjoying a night out with a group of friends at a popular Hollywood spot, Catch.

Asides from his height, the 14-year-old doesn't look all that different. He still has his signature long flowy locks and dark eyebrows, but according to reports, the youngster legally goes by a very different name these days.

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