Michelle Obama Shares Her Famous Apple Cobbler Recipe And It'll Make Your Mouth Water

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Michelle Obama may no longer be the First Lady of the United States, but she's still making headlines for her work as a philanthropist and advocate for social issues like children's health and gender equality.

However, when she's not busy delivering speeches and attending fundraisers, she's in her kitchen cooking up a storm. Her best dish? Apple Cobbler.

Over the years, the former FLOTUS has perfected her recipe for the classic dessert, which was first shared in Yankee Magazine.

"I’ve been making this cobbler for a long time, so I usually just eyeball how much needs to go in," said Obama. "People might want more or less sugar, but this is how our family and friends like it. This recipe makes one cobbler, which is like a double pie."

Although the final result differs slightly from the traditional cobbler, which usually has a biscuit topping, this recipe is delicious enough to disguise itself as one.

The recipe calls for sliced Granny Smith apples tossed in a mixture of brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. If you're already thinking of whipping this dessert up, keep in mind that Obama recommends letting the seasoned apples sit in the fridge overnight so the spices can get into the fruit.

The rest of the recipe requires a little bit of patience because it involves a few layers, but once you make it past that step, you're golden.

Grab your apron, mixing bowls and rolling pin and get started on the recipe.

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