Study Finds Migraines Can Be Cured By Undergoing One Cosmetic Procedure

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Those who have experienced the crippling and painful effects of a migraine are probably fed up with all the pain-relieving medication they have to take.

New research suggests that those suffering from chronic migraines can cure their ailment with one simple cosmetic procedure.

Migraines are the third-most common condition in the world, affecting approximately one in seven people.

People who suffer from intense pulsing or throbbing in their head, flashing lights and blinding spots, and debilitating pain that lasts for several days are usually diagnosed with the illness.

Currently, most people who try to mitigate their symptoms are encouraged to find a calm environment, sleep well, eat wisely, and take pain-relieving medication if their symptoms worsen.

However, those who have suffered with this condition for decades are looking for a cure to never have to endure another day with this illness, and a Turkish study has an answer that's already changed several lives.

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