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Breathe Life Into Your Memories With Miigen, And Win A Trip To Scotland

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If you have come across an old photo and wondered, "Where was I when this was taken?" or "Who the heck is that in the background?", then you will know why it's important to have some context to your memories.

However, it's not always the easiest to recall exactly where, when, and how certain moments were captured, especially if you or your family members are getting older.

Miigen can help breathe new life into your favorite stories and remembered moments, but they can also help you create new ones. Enter for a chance to win a free trip to Scotland, where you'll have experiences you'll remember for the rest of your life.

Normal memories fade, but with the advent of the digital age, we now have the capability to use technology to store and keep track of information for far longer and much more efficiently than we have before.

That's the idea behind Miigen. It's a way for people to retrieve old photographs, certificates and documents which are dear to them and upload them to an online profile where they can be safe from being lost. It also allows them to be shared instantly across the infinite reaches of the internet!

You can experience it for yourself by signing up, and you'll also be able to win a trip to Scotland!

Miigen, is a new secure trusted Web Platform which allows older people to create a private digital time capsule. It has created a key to the store room of memories, meaning they can be enjoyed by family and friends in the furthest flung corners of the world.

It is very accessible, with several methods of recording your thoughts, feelings, and in ways that make sense to the user.

When going through shoe boxes of photo's or old videotapes, you always wish that you had someone there who could tell you a little more about what was going on. Whether it is a grandparent, aunt, uncle, mother, father, or even an older sibling, their narration not only makes it easier to understand, but adds a more intimate connection with what you're seeing.

That's why Miigen allows users to bring their memories to life by using the "voice tagging" function, allowing parents and grandparents to narrate them and tell the next generations about the seminal events in their rich lives.

You can explain all about your trip to Scotland if you enter here for your chance to win it.

The app is cloud-based, which means that no matter where you are, you can access your memories via your computer, tablet, or even your phone on-the-go!

It's not limited to one account so the whole family can enjoy and comment on the earlier lives of the older generations in their family. A great place to start is the highlands of Scotland, a country rich with romance and history. Learn all you can about this magical land on a personalized tour that guarantees you memories that will last a lifetime. See how you can do it all for free on their website today!

Miigen was made for building connections, and the philosophy behind the app is based around life-affirming revelations that we can all understand.

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