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Military Mom Just Wanted To Support The Troops, Now Her Charity Has Helped 10,000 Armed Service Members

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LeAnn Boudwine / Facebook

This month, just in time for the holiday season, Support the Troops mailed its 10,000th care package.

LeAnn Boudwine

"It started small," Boudwine told The Daily News about her charity, "but the more we heard how much it meant to these heroes to know that people back home had not forgotten about them, the more it keep growing and growing. We never thought we'd still be doing it, but there are so few groups like ours that it would break our hearts to stop."

The charity now has dozens of dedicated volunteers, and lots of room for packages in the basement of a local business. But Boudwine still takes time from her bookkeeping job to pack boxes two days a week.

And if you ask what kept Boudwine going throughout the last decade, the answer is simple. "Soldiers tell us how good it makes them feel to know that we are thinking about them," she says. "I get teary just thinking about it."

Support the Troops will send care packages to active duty military members in any service or location. To learn more about the charity visit their website.

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