Million Dollar Matchmaker Says Courtney Stodden Is "Her Most Difficult Client"

Throughout her career, Patti Stanger has used her excellent matchmaking skills and brutal honesty to help many wealthy individuals and celebrities find love. However, there's one famous client she won't soon forget - former child bride Courtney Stodden.

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The Million Dollar Matchmaker sat down with People magazine to dish out details about the new season of her show featuring a few reality stars including 23-year-old Stodden, who is proving to be a handful.

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A newly single Stodden previously rose to fame for marrying 50-year-old actor Doug Hutchison when she was 16. The pair met when Stodden enrolled in Hutchison's online acting workshop and tied the knot in 2011. They remained married for 6 years before splitting in January 2017.


Stodden didn't waste time embracing her newfound freedom. She threw a massive divorce party in April and told the Las Vegas Review Journal that she was "excited to let my hair down and be single and learn and grow."

But it seems like Stodden had a change of heart in the last few months because she is once again looking for love and this time she has enlisted Stanger's help. But things aren't going so well according to the celebrity matchmaker. She'd calling Stodden the "most difficult client to work with."

The relationship guru also opened about what made Stodden so hard to work with.

Stanger, 56, told People that Stodden is "so out-of-the-box and so uncontrollable." All of which make it hard to set her up with a potential partner.

"She thinks it's okay to run around nude and naked and jump on people," Stanger added.


The matchmaker went on to compare a wild Stodden to other well-known personalities like The Bachelor star Corinne Olympios and the iconic Marilyn Monroe.

"She's kind of like Corinne [Olympios] a little bit "” you can't wrangle her and she giggles about it. I'm like, "˜You need to get serious!'" Said Stanger.

"She is kind of like Marilyn Monroe stuck in this body where it's okay for men to love you and she puts her sexy voice on," says the love guru. "And then she does something crazy."

So will Stodden find love?

Stanger doesn't spill the beans, but we should expect "a big twist at the end of the episode...people are gonna be like, "˜What? Did that really happen?'"

Season 2 of Million Dollar Matchmaker premiered on August 4. Episodes will air weekly at 10 p.m. ET on WE tv.

Will you be tuning in to watch Stodden search for love?

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