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Millionaire Girlfriend Makes List Of Outrageous Demands For Boyfriend's Solo Vacation

It takes a certain amount of trust to go on a solo vacation without your significant other. Understandably, the one left behind will feel a little insecure - no matter how solid the partnership.

One girlfriend decided that the only way to abate her own insecurities would be to send her  boyfriend on his boys-only trip to Ibiza with a list of rules.

When she was 17 years old, Jane Park from Edinburgh, Scotland won one million euros in the lottery. Perhaps it was this sudden wealth that made Park so paranoid about her boyfriend's true loyalty.

Her boyfriend, Connor had plans to go on a trip to Ibiza, an island off the coast of Spain, without her.  Rather than wish him well on his trip, Jane created a very extensive list of rules that Connor must follow while on vacation.

She posted the list to social media under the caption: "Psycho Jane at it again"

Her cheeky post was meant to be harmless fun among friends. Connor even joined in on the joke, saying he would proudly wear the t-shirt Jane considered buying for him:

What do you think? Was it a joke, or do you think there's some truth behind the list?

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