Did You Know

Mind Blowing Hairspray Hacks

ATTENTION!!! All my fellow Savvy ladies and gentleman, single use household products are a thing of the past!

Try these amazing hairspray hacks and make life simple and easy. Rock your fabulous hair and keep on spraying all the way around the house!


1. Smooth Flyaways: using an old toothbrush, spray hairspray directly on the bristles and brush down stray hairs in the direction you wish them to lay (ie. brush downward).

2. Keep Flowers Fresh Longer: spray hairspray on the underside of your fresh flowers. This will help keep that lovely bouquet from wilting and looking fresh for weeks!

3. Keep Bobby Pins From Slipping: before putting in your hair, spritz each pin with a little bit of hairspray. Then place the pin with the flat side facing OUTWARD. Those pesky pieces stay put from morning to night.

4. Remove Lint: no lint roller? No problem! Spray a bit of hairspray on a cloth and while tacky, wipe and pat away that pesky lint.

5. Dry Polish Faster: after painting your nails, spray hairspray directly onto your wet nails. Cuts that drying time in half and let's you get on with your day.

6. Threading a Needle: spray hairspray on the tip of your thread. Smooth thread end quickly while still wet, thread away!

7. Prevent Shoelaces From Untying: spray a little bit of hairspray onto your newly formed knot in in your laces. This hack is great for kids and those pesky silky or round laces that just wont stay together.