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A Perfect Party Favor for Christmas Get Togethers

Are you hosting a holiday party this year, and you're thinking about what to give as the perfect party favor? Mini cookie snowglobes is the answer for you! These adorable Christmas cookie's are so delicious and come in their very own snowglobe looking container. The perfect addition to any party!


  • sugar cookie mix
  • icing
  • cookie cutters
  • gel food coloring
  • empty baby food jars
  • candy melts
  • sprinkles


1. Begin by washing out, drying, and removing the label from your baby food jar. Set aside.

2. Roll out your sugar cookie dough and using small cookie cutters, cut out your desired shapes and circle platform for your shape to be "glued" to.

3. Bake as directed on package.

4. Using your icing and gel food colors, decorate your shaped cookies then set aside to dry.

5. Melt your candy melts in a microwaveable safe dish, and then place a dollap on the inside of the baby jar lid to use as a glue for your platform cookie. One in place, add another dollap of melts to glue your cookie shape on. Set aside to dry.

6. Fill your jar with white sprinkles to make it look like snow, and then screw on the lid of the jar and flip it over. Mini Cookie Snowglobe!