"Miracle" Cat Survived An Airsoft Attack

Vets had no idea what could have inspired someone to treat poor Billy the cat so badly, but his tragic story is helping to protect other pets.

When a passerby in Sussex, England found this stray, he had a spent days fighting to survive after a vicious attack. His injuries were so bad that they thought he had been targeted by another animal. But the truth was much worse.

Someone had shot this innocent creature with a pellet gun. Vets say that Billy was hit 7 times, including four shots to the head. His recovery is nothing short of a miracle.

Cats Protection

Unfortunately, Billy isn't the only cat who has been targeted by these despicable attacks.

According to the charity Cats Protection, 202 cats in the UK were shot with air guns in 2016, and a tragic 46% of these animals didn't survive their injuries.

The charity hopes to make the laws in England and Wales more strict to shrink the number of cases like this, and they've made Billy the star of their campaign.

Billy will never recover from his attack - he's blind, and there are still pellets stuck in his skull - but with his loving foster mom Emily he's adjusting to life as well as he can.

Hopefully his story will inspire more people to protect cats from abuse like this.

[Source: The Mirror]

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