Country Star Miranda Lambert Dumps Salad On Woman At Nashville Restaurant

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Country Star Miranda Lambert Dumps Salad On Woman At Nashville Restaurant

Keith Hinkle/Wikimedia Commons

Country star Miranda Lambert is no stranger to being in the headlines, especially when it concerns her music or failed marriage to Blake Shelton.

But the latest controversy she's embroiled in is one that no one expected and it has fans everywhere gasping.

According to the celebrity news site TMZ, Lambert got caught up in an argument while recently dining with her mother and some friends at a restaurant, and things took an unexpected turn.

Instead of turning the other cheek, the Grammy-winning singer reportedly dumped her salad on a woman whose husband got into an argument with Lambert's friend.

The fiasco took place at the Stoney River Steakhouse and Grill in Nashville, Tennessee, and according to TMZ's sources, the fight broke out after someone made "a wisecrack about millennials and their phones" in the restaurant's bathroom.

Witnesses say the the "older man" went over to Lambert's table and "started screaming." The singer "had to be held back" so she wouldn't do anything drastic in that moment.

Still, a short time later, she walked over to the man's table and tossed her salad onto his wife's lap.

Although Nashville police won't comment on Lambert's involvement in the incident, they have confirmed that they responded to a call about two men fighting at the restaurant around 8:00 p.m. on February 10.

By the time the cops arrived, Lambert had already left. There were no arrests made as the men did not want to press charges. No report was filed either.

So far, "The House That Built Me" singer and her reps have not responded to any requests for comments.

Do you think Lambert went too far by throwing a salad at the woman?

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