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She Spent 8 Years On A Concrete Floor, But Now She's Found An Obsession That Will Melt Your Heart

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Imagine being chained up in a dark, damp, dingy garage with no human interaction and nothing to lay on but a concrete floor.

Pretty terrible, right?

That's basically what poor Lola had to go through for 8 whole years before one kind person finally noticed and called AMA Animal Rescue. Rescuers showed up at the house and after some convincing, the owner decided to surrender Lola to the shelter.

Even though Lola had been neglected for most of her life, the rescue team said she was the happiest dog they could ever imagine.

“We called her ‘wiggly butt,’” Michele Walsh, a volunteer with AMA, said. “She was wagging her cute little tail, super friendly, giving kisses and so happy to meet her rescuers. She let them take her off this chain, and they walked right out with her.”

The Dodo

Lola was brought to a vet where she had surgery to remove several tumors, but she healed up quickly and was put into a foster home. Just a few months after that Lola was adopted by Charlène von Saher, who lives in Manhattan.

Lola has only been in her new home for a few weeks, but she's already figured out the most important thing: where can she sleep?

“She figured out where her little beds were, and what was soft and what was comfortable for her,” von Saher said.

The Dodo
The Dodo

It didn't take long to figure it out, but her reaction has our hearts completely melting...

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