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Cat Was "Kidnapped" And Taken Hundreds Of Miles Away, Now His Owner Learns What Happened

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Romeo the cat has been missing for over a year. He was known to wander around the town of Kennebunkport, but last Fall he vanished. Romeo's owner, George Lichte, feared the worst.

"We were looking for this cat constantly," he said. But after a year he had a hard time even thinking about the cat. "I really blocked him out of my memory. I shut down, I couldn't think about the cat."

George Lichte

The town had recently experienced a sudden increase in the coyote population around the time that Romeo went missing, so even though it pained them to say it, the Lichte family started to believe that Romeo wouldn't come home.

It took the family a year to even consider moving on and bringing a new cat into their family, but just as they started to think about it they received a phone call from a vet 120 miles away. Their cat had turned up, and he had experienced quite the year...

Romeo had made it 120 miles, all the way to a Unity College where a student found him sleeping on a picnic table. Kevin Taft said, "I heard a meow and all the sudden I looked down and he was sitting in my lap, curled up sleeping. He was really, really friendly."

He knew that a cat this friendly must have a family, so he brought Romeo to the vet in Skowhegan to check for a microchip. The vet was able to get Lichte's information from the chip and found out that he had traveled a long, long way.

Google Maps

“It was just amazing,” Lichte said. “He was dead. I closed down the file at the vet.” It felt like Romeo had been resurrected. They drove the two hours to go find his cat and he couldn't believe that it was him. "It was Romeo, it was absolutely Romeo."

Romeo had always been really friendly and smart, and would often travel around town. He had become a bit of a town celebrity, with a tag on that had his name and a note to "leave me outside." But even though he was known to wander, Lichte doesn't believe that his cat walked the 120 miles.

That's when they learned the truth...

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