Missing Dog Comes Back To Say Goodbye

If you're not ready to cry this morning, this may not be the story for you.

When Doña Rosalba Quiroz passed away in Mexico last weekend, her family gathered to say goodbye. Quiroz had been battling with cancer and often found solace in her beloved dog Bayron. Unfortunately, Quiroz became so sick, she had to move away to live with relatives. She had family go check on Bayron often, but one day they discovered he had disappeared.

Two weeks later, Quiroz passed away .

Her family held a memorial service and were completely shocked when they heard scratching at the door.

Bayron had come back to say goodbye to her favorite person.

"We normally don't let animals in, but the dog was howling and scratching at the door, so we brought him in," a worker at the funeral home said.

The dog laid next to Quiroz's coffin for the entire service, and even got up to say goodbye and see her body one last time. He seemed to realize why he had been left by himself and was ready to say his goodbyes, too.

"We've never seen a case like this," the owner of the funeral home said. "We're all surprised how the animal without knowing arrived alone to say goodbye to his owner."

There's no update on what happened after the service, but we are hopeful that Quiroz's family took Bayron home with them to care for him. You can add this to a long list of evidence that dogs do, in fact, understand love and companionship.

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