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Missing Teen Found Alive And Safe One Year After Disappearance

I can only imagine the fear, pain, and heartbreak a parent goes through when their child is missing. Even if it's just for 20 seconds in a grocery store, the panic must be unbearable.

So for Hailey Burns' parents, a whole year without their daughter was crippling.

Hailey, who has Asperger syndrome, disappeared from her home in North Carolina in May of 2016.

“My wife opened the door and she was not there. You can’t understand how it feels until you’re in it,” Anthony Burns, Hailey's dad said.

Anthony Burns told local news outlets that his daughter had met an older man online, so they tried to eliminate all social media and electronic communications from the home. However, Hailey still found a way to interact with him using friends' phones or school computers.

“He gradually wormed his way into her good graces, he coerced her into listening to him and not following our directions and the next thing I knew my daughter wasn’t communicating with me,” said Anthony.

When Hailey disappeared, her family found a diary in her room outlining her plans to run away with this older man.

The FBI offered $15,000 for information on the case, but in a year no one was able to help find Hailey Burns.

However, a whole year later, that all changed.

Continue reading to find out what happened to Hailey Burns.

In Duluth, Georgia, 31-year-old Michael Wysolovski was arrested by FBI agents after finding now 17-year-old Hailey Burns in his home.

Michael Wysolovski was charged with false imprisonment, aggravated sodomy, interference with custody and cruelty to children involving first-degree deprivation.

According to the FBI, the Burns family "are grateful for the outpouring of support they have received while she’s been missing, but they ask for privacy at this time to focus on their daughter.”