Mitt Romney Secretly Underwent Cancer Treatment

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Each year in the United States, approximately 455 per 100,000 men get diagnosed with some form of cancer, and 39.6% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetimes, according to the National Cancer Institute.

This means that we all know someone, including celebrities, who already has or will have the disease. In the last few months, a number of well-known figures, including Bounty Hunter star Beth Chapman, Val Kilmer, Camille Grammer, and Senator John McCain have announced that they have cancer.

While these famous people are comfortable enough to share their diagnosis and open up about their battle against the awful disease, not all celebrities have done the same. This week, it was revealed that another U.S. politician has been battling cancer, and no one knew.


According to the Associated Press, sources close to former presidential nominee Mitt Romney confirmed he was diagnosed and already underwent treatment.

So what's his prognosis?

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