Mom Buys Birthday Cake Every Year For A Random Child For A Reason That's As Heartwarming As It Is Tragic

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Mom Buys Birthday Cake Every Year For A Random Child For A Reason That's As Heartwarming As It Is Tragic

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Every year, Ashley Santi goes to her local cake shop and pays for a stranger's cake before they pick it up.

It's not only the shopkeepers that are confused by this random act of kindness, but the recipients who go to pay for their cake only to learn that it's been already paid for by a stranger!

They are left puzzled as to who could have been so kind, and why the person chose to pay for their child's birthday cake.

"They get very confused when I go and do this, the bakeries," Santi told BuzzFeed. "They would wonder why someone would want to do this."

Most recently, Santi bought a cake for an Arizona girl named Madison, who recently celebrated her 11th birthday, and left a note to explain her thoughtful gesture.

The reason behind it will leave you in tears.

The Arizona mom buys a cake for a random child every year in her daughter's memory, whose birthday would be celebrated on December 27.

Her daughter, McKenna Jodell, was involved in a tragic accident in which a TV fell on her and caused her to suffer from traumatic brain surgery. She died at 9 months old.

To commorate her daughter's memory, Santi attached a letter to each birthday cake with a Kindness Project Card.

MISS Foundation started this heartwarming tradition inspiring strangers to perform random acts of kindness in memory of a child, parent, friend, or spouse who died before their time.

Santi says the organization helped her to "work through [her] grief and be able to carry it differently."

This is what her letter to Madison Jauregui said:

"We were absolutely floored," Madison's brother said of his family's reaction to the card and the cake. "It did make it kind of a little bit extra special just to be appreciative of my younger sister and to really be thankful for what I have. She felt really loved and really blessed."

Madison's family got in contact with Santi and hope to be able to meet her soon to "thank her and hug her."

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