Mom Caught Breastfeeding on Live TV

Breastfeeding moms know that when a baby has to eat, there is little you can do make them wait- even if you're on live TV.

Rachel Sklar, a writer and entrepreneur, had a live broadcast with CBC News where she agreed to appear as a guest commentator. She was home with 1-year-old Ruby when she was asked to comment on the new diverse Barbie dolls during a segment of the show.

"They had reached out to invite me to comment on the new diverse Barbies, and I let them know I was home with no childcare and might have to nurse her to keep her quiet if I couldn't get her to sleep ― which is what I did!" Sklar explained. "I used my laptop camera and set it up so it cropped me just below the shoulders. It was about a five minute segment."

It wasn't until the end of the segment that Ruby's hand sneakily appeared in the frame and gave away what this working mom had been doing while she was participating the interview.

She captioned a GIF of the event on her Twitter feed "I went on TV while nursing and you couldn't tell (until the end)"

This wasn't the first time she had to breastfeed on live TV. In another appearance in October, Ruby woke up halfway through a segment.

"She toddled out, so I scooped her up and breastfed her on air again. Her little arms came up this time too," Sklar recalled, adding that she'd warned CBC ahead of time this might happen.

Over the last decade, Sklar has been providing occasional comments on matters related to media, politics and gender to the CBC.

In the past Sklar has had to figure out different ways to occupy her baby while doing live television.

During a CBC News segment about then-president candidate Donald Trup and Saturday Night Live in October, Sklar got creative with a bouncy chair and her iPad.

Wide shot of home studio (and my producer at my foot). Yes I need to clean.

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"I rocked Ruby in the bouncer with my foot while holding the iPad out and talking into it," she explained, adding, "That was not the best setup."

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