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Mom Creates Beautiful Bejeweled Design On Daughter's Bald Head For Crazy Hair Day

When seven-year-old Gianessa Wride found out that there would be a Crazy Hair Day at school, she wanted to participate too. The only problem was, she doesn't have any hair.

The little girl from Salem, Utah suffers from Alopecia, a genetic condition that caused her to lose all of her hair.

Not wanting her little girl to miss out on all the fun, her mother Daniella had a brilliant idea. After the last of her daughter's hair fell out in January, she has been wearing sparkly headbands and scarves. But, for crazy hair day, they wanted to do something special.

'I know she just wants to be like other kids and just fit in and have fun,' she told the Daily Mail. After considering temporary tattoos, body paint, and body glitter, Daniella went with jewel stickers she found for scrap booking.

The stunning designs involved flowers and an awesome owl.

At first, the little girl was hesitant that her friends would like the designs, but when she saw herself in the mirror, she instantly changed her mind."

Her mother remembers how happy Gianessa was when she saw the final results: "she got a massive grin on her face and she said, 'I look so awesome!' I asked her if she thought people would love it and she said, 'I'm sure they will.' "

Sure enough, everyone loved her bejeweled crown and she was even chosen for having the best 'crazy hair' in her class! At the end of the day, Gianessa shared her good news with her mom: "All the kids kept swarming me! They all LOVED it!"

When she's not wearing jewels or pretty scarves, Gianessa pops on this badass headdress for fun:

Although there is no cure for Alopecia, that's not stopping Gianessa from rocking her own special style.

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