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Busy Mom Delivers Another Woman's Twins Just Hours After Giving Birth

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No one can say that OB-GYN Hilary Conway doesn't go the extra mile for her patients, especially after the incredible triple delivery she pulled off last month.

The mom from Washington gave birth to her second child last month, a baby girl named Verna, and was resting in her hospital room when she received a fateful text message from one of her patients.

Dr. Conway with her husband, son, and newborn daughter.Hilary Conway

Conway had bonded with one of the expecting mothers at her workplace, the Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic. Katie Moss was pregnant at the same time as Conway, and the doctor had even given Moss her own cell phone number to call in case of an emergency - which she says is "not something that I give out frequently."

Moss texted Conway saying she had gone into labor with her twins a month before their due date, and the dedicated doctor didn't hesitate to get out of her hospital bed and put on her scrubs.

By chance, Conway and Moss were in rooms next door to each other.YVFWC

The pair had another stroke of good luck, because Moss was in the delivery room right next door to Conway's. The OB-GYN stopped to nurse her daughter, before leaving her with a nurse and giving Moss an ultrasound exam.

But the tricky delivery was a lot for the new mom to handle.

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