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Mom Explains The Touching Reason Why She Buys Extra Mother's Day Cards Every Year

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As with most holidays, Mother's Day can be bittersweet for some moms especially those who made the decision to give up a child for adoption.

There are plenty of mothers who aren't celebrated on that day because they're not involved in raising their child.

Last week, a San Antonio, Texas blogger and mother of three shared a Facebook post that highlighted the importance of remembering birth moms on Mother's Day and the touching reason why.

In the emotional post, Jill Robbins wrote about the "extra cards" she buys every year for her two adopted sons' birth mothers.

"I write my sons' birth mothers (yes, there are two different birth moms) a card every year. I've done this every year that we've had them. I write little snippets of what they've done and accomplished every year, what their challenges and accomplishments have been .. And then I put them away in a shoebox that sits on my closet shelf because I don't know what else to do with them," wrote Jill.

The blogger and her husband adopted their 6 and 7-year-old sons from China, a country that prohibits "a mother from making an adoption plan" and if an abandoned child is adopted the parents are barred from contacting the birth mother.


Jill writes the cards as her personal way of dealing with her inability to communicate with her sons' birth moms and assure them that they're in safe hands.

"These women wonder where their babies are, I know they do. Although I don't know the circumstances that led to their decisions, I do wish them peace. I wish they could receive these cards I write every Mother's Day. I wish they knew their babies were safe and loved. Cherished. Thriving," Jill added.


Her post resonated well with mothers and people who were raised by adoptive parents. Read their reactions on the next page.

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