Mom Issues Warning After Toddler Burned By Phone Charger

Raising a kid is always full of worry. You can childproof every door, hide every cleaning product, and pad every corner, but there's always a sense of panic when your toddler crawls for something that could be potentially harmful.

For Courtney Davis, that "something" was a phone charger. Now, we all know phone chargers can be dangerous. One man was electrocuted after he fell asleep and his phone charger got caught on his necklace.

The NYPD also issued a warning, saying that sleeping with your phone charging under your pillow can start a fire and potentially cause serious injury.

For Davis, her little Gabby found the charger lying on the ground and put it in her mouth. That's when things got really bad.

Courtney Davis was mortified when Gabby put a plugged-in phone charger in her mouth, causing severe electrical burns. Davis posted about her traumatic experience on Facebook, and included pictures of the injuries.

This is the text she posted:

"So I wasn't going to post about this until I posted in a mom group and found out many parents don't think twice about the danger of a phone charger around children. On Sept 28th my 19 month old stuck my phone charger in her mouth. We went to the Dr who confirmed that it was an electrical burn there was nothing they could put on it due to her being able to lick it. Any other day my charger wouldn't have been plugged up in her reach but [because] of a bunch of stuff going on that day I didn't have time to move it. It took all of a few seconds for her to get burned. She had never tried to put it in her mouth and she had never messed with it. The one day it isn't moved she stuck it in her mouth and got a severe burn. She doesn't feel it thank God hasn't acted like it bothers her at all. **Parents, Grandparents, babysitters etc please put your chargers up out of reach. My daughter was lucky the next kid may not be as lucky as her.

UPDATE: Gabby's mouth is looking better. We have an appt tomorrow with her pediatrician to see about getting a referral to a specialist. She still acts like it doesn't hurt. To everyone messaging me please know that I have read most messages I just haven't had time to reply. I will continue to update this post as things progress. A new picture of her mouth has been added to the comments."

Davis also included pictures of Gabby's injuries.



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