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Mom Loses Custody Of Her Kids Because Of Something You've Probably Done

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Every parent is terrified of making a mistake. Not even concerning the big things. It could be as easy as "I hope that was the kind of sandwich he likes" when packing your son's lunch.  

But the worst nightmare of every single parent is having your kids taken away from you.

For one mom in Cambridgeshire, this nightmare became reality after she did something most parents have probably done.

The mother, who remains unnamed, had her two young children stripped from her hands after "continually ignoring advice."

That advice?  Don't let your kids sleep in your bed.

Social workers raised concerns after they saw bruises on both kids. Social workers advised both parents to stop letting their kids sleep in the family bed, but they did not take the advice.

The family was already the subject of a supervision order after having been in court in respect of an injury to the older child. After then finding injuries on the younger child, social services had no choice but to take matters further.

An investigation turned up no intentional wrong-doing, but a judge still took the children away because of a series of bizarre events.

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