Mother-In-Law Comments On "Messy" Wife, But Her Son Defends His Partner Beautifully

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No one can be immune from criticism and sometimes that can be a good thing because it helps one grow and change for the better. However, in an era filled with people hiding behind screens and offering their unsolicited harsh opinions about another person, criticism has become a form of shaming.

Clint Edwards, the brains behind No Idea What I'm Doing: A Daddy Blog and father of three, is making sure that people think twice before they criticize by penning a thoughtful post following a conversation he had with his mother.

No Idea What I'm Doing: A Daddy Blog

Edwards was caught off guard when his mother innocently asked if it bothered him that his wife, Mel, "won't keep a cleaner house?" so he didn't have an answer ready. Instead, he gave the question some thought and after a few moments of silence he gave a response that definitely got him a nomination for "husband of the year."

While Edwards' mom asked the question out of curiosity, he felt that it was important to let her know that maintaining a tidy house is easier said than done and it is not the sole responsibility of his wife. Like most moms with small children, Mel has lots of responsibilities to juggle and maintaining a guest-ready home places low on her list.

The doting father later took to his blog and Facebook to share a candid note defending his wife against his mother and it has been going viral for all the right reasons.

So what did he say exactly?

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