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Mom Notices Something Strange In Her Daughter's Face, Then Video Shows Her Hitting The Little Girl

It was a typical day for Jennifer Hull who was caring for her two young daughters at home when a moment of panic caused her to leap into action.

The Texas mother handed her daughters some veggie chips to snack on, then turned her back to change the channel on their television.

In the mere seconds it took for her to click through the stations, her youngest daughter came running towards her. As she desperately pointed to her tiny throat, her lips began to turn blue.

Hull smacked her hard on the back to dislodge the stuck chip, but nothing happened. That's when the camera caught her lifting her limp daughter in the air.

You can see the moment the chip drops out of little Hollis' mouth and a sigh of relief escapes Hull's lips. If it hadn't been for the infant safety classes she took, this emergency might have taken a tragic turn for the worse.

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