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Mom-Of-Three Nearly Dies At Adele Concert When Hundreds Of These Fall From The Sky And Send Her Into Shock

It was supposed to be a magical evening, but a fun night out with friends turned deadly for Pooja Newman.

The Australian mother of three suffered a near-fatal allergic reaction when giant, latex-covered balloons fell upon the crowd during Adele's concert in Adelaide.

“I felt my lips swelling and I couldn’t breathe, I knew I was in trouble,” she tells Seven News.

Pooja and her sister Preeya in hospital after the Adele concert. Source: 7 News.

She tells local news that the powder-covered balloons were coated in latex, which sent her into anaphylactic shock. She spent two days in the Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Adelaide Hospital after coming in contact with the balloons.

Although she has recovered, her family suggests that concert organizers consider using latex-free products in the future to avoid another incident like this.

Do you think it was irresponsible of the concert organizers to use latex balloons? Let us know in the comments below.

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