Mom Seeks Justice After Bullies Send Her Son To The Hospital - But Who Should Be Punished?

** Warning images may be disturbing to some readers **

Enough was enough for Jak's mother, who watched with growing concern as her son came home day after day with injuries. The final straw came when her Jak returned home from school in Shropshire, England with an unreported head injury.

She reports on her Facebook page, Justice For Jak,that he had been whiped with skipping ropes, stabbed with a pencil, scratched, punched, and hit on the face with a tennis racket. Then one day, the bullies shoved him so hard, he hit his head on a metal pole.

According to his mother, the school didn't report the head injury or even offer him a cold compress.

Now, he was in the hospital, with tubes in head head to drain the blood clot and puss that had formed beneath his unreported wound.

To make matters worse, his mother reports that the school has sent out a notice to all parents indicating that the injury was minor and that it had 'become infected.'

She writes:

"Then today whilst I'm waiting for 7 year old to come out of theater from having a head operation for the second time I receive a email from the school. It was a letter sent to all parents saying that it was a MINOR INJURY that has got infected!!!!! I'm appalled at the school that i send my children to for 6 hours, 5 days a week to be put in danger and then dismissed.

But on top of that the police, people who are meant to protect the public can't/wont do anything!

But life for the bully continues as normal!

We need to stand up to bullies, Pull together and make a change! Teach our children to be kind, teach our children to speak up."

According to his mom, police were unable to help in Jak's case because he and the bully are under 10 years old. The Express reports that "the West Merica police are aware of the incident and working with the family and mother to establish what happened."

Share Jak's story, visit the family's Facebook page for updates here.

Something must be done - but what? Who should be held accountable? You decide.

[h/t Justice for Jak / Express]