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Mom Sends Out Warning About Indoor Heatstroke After 3-Year-Old Almost Died

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Summer is all fun and games until the sweltering heat starts to put your health in danger. On days where the heat becomes unbearable, many people choose to hide from the sun and stay indoors, but this doesn't always mean you're safe.

Jennifer Abma, a single mother of two learned the scary way that even the place her kids were supposed to feel most safe could be dangerous once the temperatures soar.

Jennifer Abma/Instagram

Sometime in mid-july the temperatures in Edmonton, Canada surpassed the 90 degree mark so Abma thought it would be best for her daughters, 1-year-old Ariel and 3-year-old Anastasia, to remain in the house. After all, experts warn that a heat index of 90 or above poses "a significant health risk" for young children.

Jennifer Abma/Instagram

After a few hours of playing, Anastasia was ready for an afternoon nap, but everything took a turn when Abma went upstairs to check on her daughter and she wouldn't wake up.

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