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Mom Shamed for Having Too Many Kids Has a Response That Will Put People In Their Place

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You know what they say, "Hands Full, Hearts Full".

While some parents struggle with getting one child under control, others have no problem having more children than hands.

As parents, it seems that we are open to be criticized for everything that we do, from what we feed our children to our approach to sharing.

When Courtney Lester, mom of three entered her local Walmart to do her shopping, a stranger stopped her to share his comments on her family.

With her 4-year-old singing a song, her 2-year-old sitting quietly in the cart and her newborn asleep in the carrier, he felt the need to share his opinion about her offspring.

"I feel sorry for you, you have your hands full with all those kids," the stranger told her.

Now, let's be honest, 3 kids isn't a crazy amount of children to have and while having a trio of little ones can be a challenge some days, most parents would agree this is not a cause for sympathy from someone who you don't know.

"Nobody should tell a parent they feel sorry for them in a judgemental [sic] way or judge another parent/family, period. The size of someone's family is absolutely none of anyone's business as long as their children are happy, loved, and cared for. If you feel like you should make a comment to a family or a parent, try something uplifting instead. I promise, that would be much more appreciated," Courtney wrote in a Facebook post after the incident.

At the time, Courtney was too shocked to react to the comment from the stranger.

But be certainly had something to say about it after.

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