Mom Swamped With Criticism After Letting Her Son Pierce His Ears

If there's one thing parents love, it's debating with other parents about how to raise their children. We know we shouldn't do it, but we just can't help it. There must be some part of our evolutionary drive that forces parents to share their thoughts when we see someone parenting the "wrong" way.

Tegan Pett, a 24-year-old mom from Australia, is the most recent parent to feel the internet's scorn, after sharing a photo of her son in an online mother's group.

It seems people don't approve of his new earrings.

Tegan Pett

Pett says her 5-year-old son Storme is the one who asked about getting his ears pierced. She sat him down and explained what the procedure would involve, but he still had his heart set on it so Pett let him do it.

According to her, Storme picked out his own earrings and told anyone who would listen that he didn't cry during the piercing. But not everyone was impressed.

Online, other mothers told Pett that she was letting her son look like a "thug," or low class. While Pett says "a lot" of the messages were positive, many were disapproving.

Tegan Pett

Pett hasn't let any of the online criticism bother her or Storme. "If he was a girl," she said, "no one would have batted an eyelid which I think is so wrong for so many reasons."

In a message to other parents, she says she doesn't regret her decisions at all.

"If your kids are happy, fed and loved, then that is all that matters. Who cares about strangers' opinions?" she said.

"Allow your kids to be who they are and don't control them, guide them."

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[H/T: The Daily Mail]

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