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Mom Warns Other Parents After A Baby Monitor Burned Her Newborn

While high tech fads come and go, the one device modern parents can't live without is the baby monitor. It lets parents sleep with some peace of mind - at least for a few hours - and helps keep your baby safe. But a gadget that puts a new spin on this classic device could do more harm than good.

The Owlet Smart Sock is a special baby monitor that tracks your infant's vital signs. It fits on your baby's foot like a sock, tracking their heart rate and oxygen levels.

It even connects with an app on your phone, so your child's vitals are only a tap away at all times. But one mother claims the device actually harmed her baby.

FYI those of you who use Owlet monitor. Lauren cried all last night like screamed. I thought she was having a tummy...

Posted by Whitney Dame on martes, 9 de mayo de 2017

In a Facebook post, mother Whitney Dame shares her terrifying story. She heard her baby girl Lauren crying from her room and went to investigate, expecting it was a stomach ache.

Instead, she alleges Lauren's Owlet monitor burned her foot, leaving a nasty blister.

“I have never been so mad and sick to my stomach," Dame wrote.

"I just don’t want this to happen to anyone else. The company will hear from me tomorrow and reimburse me for damages.”

Dame also wrote that she would take her daughter to the doctor the next day. While Lauren wasn't seriously injured, Dame's warning has other parents searching for answers.

Owlet's website actually has a page called "Will the Owlet baby monitor burn my baby's foot?" on the company's website.

It says that the small sensors in the device are covered in fabric, and the device has been "carefully designed" to be "as safe and comfortable as possible."

Still, the company warns that parents should stop using the product and contact them if they notice the monitor "caused an issue or a red mark."

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