Mom's Response To Woman in Walmart To Called Her Son "Repulsive" is Brilliant

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Being a mom is no easy task. From late nights, to early mornings, teething and tantrums, our days can definitely be a challenge, even when things are running smoothly.

Mothers who have children with special needs are superheros in my eyes. How they manage sometimes blows my mind!

So when people criticize these moms, or any mom for that matter, it really sends a shock to the system.

For one mom, a trip to Walmart with her 2-year-old son, had her shaking with rage as a woman made a comment that no mom wants to hear about their baby.

Dallas Lynn Fowler and her two-year-old son Jameus were standing in line waiting to checkout when Jameus wanted a hug from his mom. Dallas picked up her son for a cuddle, accidentally exposing his stomach.

That's when one of the customers in line piped up with their comments.

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