Moms Are Now Turning Their Baby's Umbilical Cord Stumps Into Jewelry

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Moms Are Now Turning Their Baby's Umbilical Cord Stumps Into Jewelry

Ruth Avra/Evan-Amos

Many mothers and fathers will tell you that collecting keepsakes are an important part of the parenting process.

Children grow up fast and big changes happen often, so memories from their childhood are all they're left with.

For Ruth Avra, she believes that keepsakes that celebrate giving birth and motherhood in general should go beyond photos, videos, and clay prints, so she decided to take it to the next level.

The artist and mother from Hollywood, Florida, created an unusual jewelry line that helps mothers proudly show off a special kind of mementos that commemorate the bond between mother and child.

So what makes Avra's jewelry stand out?

Avra, who started the creative business after giving birth to her daughter in 2012, created the unique silver pieces of jewelry by embedding umbilical cord stumps within them.

Once clients send her pieces of stump, which fall out of the baby's belly button seven to 10 days after birth, Avra is able to design a personal piece of jewelry in the form of a pendant, bracelet, ring, cuff links, and more.

The innovative designer seals the cord in a layer of resin so it stays intact for as long as possible.

"The umbilical cord is literally the connection between mother and child, the biological wonder that allows a child to grow and develop within us, using our own bodies to do so," Avra told Daily Mail.

"I simply take that remaining piece and preserve it in a way that a parent can keep it close to their heart."

Avra herself has admitted that her jewelry may not be for everyone, and she has received different reactions from parents.

"Many absolutely love the idea of keeping a part of their children close in the form of jewelry, I've also had reactions like 'ew' and 'gross'," she explained. "We all have different tastes and wants, my Keepsake Jewelry is for any parent who wants to capture a part of their beloved children and keep them close."

The mixed reactions have not slowed down the mom and entrepreneur from sharing her passion with the world.  

In addition to the umbilical cords, Avra's Keepsake Collection also includes custom jewelry made out of things like baby teeth, locks of hair, and even hospital bracelets.

Check them out:

Baby teeth ringA La Avra

Avra creates her pieces with children in mind, so all materials used are safe for babies, and she even includes a "fiddle feature" in her necklaces, so babies can play with the chain without breaking the necklace.

On top of the Keepsake collection, Avra also designs handbags, earrings, belt buckles, and colorful statement necklaces.

You can visit her website A La Avra to browse all the available collections.

Would you wear a necklace of your baby's umbilical cord stump?

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