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4 Ways To Guard Yourself From A Possible 2019 Recession

Whether you like it or not, our economy is changing. Jobs are becoming more scarce, and yet prices continue to rise. With arguments about minimum wage ongoing, it's not hard to see that at some point, we are headed for another recession.

Really, there's no way to avoid the recession on a personal level. Unfortunately the recession hits everybody in the working class and we all feel the effects of our struggling economy. However, there are ways to protect yourself by starting saving habits early and having a spending plan in place. These are some ways you can either supplement your income or save some cash, all on your own time.

1. Get Paid to Give Your Opinions

By no means are you going to get rich doing surveys. But you can make a few bucks to fuel your coffee habit or you can stack up some gift cards for just about any store.

With the amount of time I spend waiting on my kids. I have more than enough time to do a few surveys daily. Have you ever actually timed a 4yr. old putting on a jacket and boots? Let's just say you're better off using that time to do surveys versus repeating "hurry up, we have to get to school!"

Below are some of the best spots to earn:

Inbox Dollars

Watch TV (yes, really), read emails, shop online, surf the internet, complete surveys. With top payments of $25 for premium surveys. Some of their partners are Netfilix, Target, Walmart. This is a diverse platform that offers several ways to add $ to your entertainment fund.

Inbox Dollars says they've paid out almost $50 million dollars to their members.

A Few members are saying:

"I'm about to request $40 on Sunday. The second payment in 2 weeks!"

"Just requested my 6th check from Inbox Dollars!"

Join Here and Get a Free $5!


PointClub is another spot to make some cash on premium surveys. The founders of this company have been in the research industry for a loooong time. So the surveys that they're offering are top tier.

A few members are saying: "These rewards are key and I do save them up for the most part in order to make Christmas happen or give my daughter the birthday gifts she wants"

"I use the extra funds to buy groceries and essentials and sometimes pay a few bills"

Those are definitely real benefits to spending some time on surveys.

PointClub also offers a $5 sign up bonus and Daily Sweepstakes for their point that you can turn into cash!

Shopper's Voice

I never know what new products to buy in the store, there's always too much selection. Shopper's Voice is different this way. You can discover new products, by getting free samples sent to you. This let's you try before you buy. In addition you can earn money for participating in consumer research.

But, not everyone can get in. They'll only accept participants for a limited time. See if you qualify below. If you do, you can try the survey and get entered to win $1500. Easy. Take the Survey HERE.

2. Get Paid to Lose Weight

It sounds too good to be true, we know. But after talking with these HealthyWager winners, we confirmed that if you stick to your goal and lose the weight you say you're going to, HealthyWage pays you. It's as simple as that.

Check out these other recent HealthyWager success stories:

Kayla C. bet on herself that she'd lose 50 pounds in six months. She reached her goal, winning $1,358.27!

Brooke E., who found out about HealthyWage from her coworker, lost 50 pounds in 9 months and won $1,506.96!

See Why HealthyWage Has Worked For So Many People Here!

3. Shop With Ebates

I do all of my non-food shopping online. From gifts, to vitamins and diapers. It's just easier when stuff comes right to the door. If you use Amazon or any other online store for shopping. You 100% should be Using Ebates. I have a friend that just got a cheque for $150. It made me realize I'm doing it wrong. Your money can either be sent by PayPal or check, it's your choice!

4. Earn Cash Buying Groceries

You can't just stop buying groceries, but there are ways to make it more worth your while. While Checkout51, you can earn cashback on your groceries when you shop at your favorite stores, including Walmart. Every week you'll get a list of the items included in that round of offers. Upload a picture of your receipt with the items on it and you'll earn money. You can cash out once your total hits $20.

The recession may be unavoidable, but that doesn't mean you need to be strapped for cash!