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10 Monoply House Rules That Aren't True At All

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We all know the basic rules of Monopoly. We even know the unwritten rules, like table flipping is 100% allowed when things get intense, and if you can stash away money with no one noticing then it's fair game.  

But some "house rules" are a lot more common than others, and have become commonplace in Monopoly. Here's the thing, though: they're not accurate. These are some of the most common house rules that are in effect today, but that actually aren't real.

1. Take A Lap


Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to take a full lap around the board before buying property. The official rules state you can start buying property right away. No one really knows where the "full lap" rule came from, but it was probably someone who was losing at the time or who wanted the game to last an extra 14 hours.

2. Free Parking


The most common way to play Monopoly is to put all the taxes in the middle, and then whoever lands on Free Parking gets the cash. The reality is, this doesn't exist at all. Free Parking is just a square on the board, and it doesn't do anything at all. Only bring up this rule if you're not the one who landed on Free Parking.

3. Auctioning Property


Get this: if no one wants to buy a property when it's landed on, it gets auctioned off, meaning you can buy the property for less than it's worth! It's a decent strategy to hold onto, because you can find a bargain, but not a lot of people know about the rule. In theory, it would also make the game speed up a little bit, but then again, it will also probably cause more arguments.

4. Jail Bound


Being sent to jail in Monoply is pretty terrible, but it's actually not that bad according to the rules. You can't go around the board or buy anything, but you can absolutely collect rent on the properties you own, despite what your older brother told you all those years ago.

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