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You Have A Second Zodiac Sign Affecting Your Personality, And It's All Based On The Moon

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Knowing your astrological sign is really only half of the story. Sure, you will often connect to your sign at an almost shocking level, but there are always little things that stand out as being off. The reason for this is due to the fact that while you may have been born under a specific zodiac sign, the moon may have actually been under a different sign, which also has an impact on your personality.

It's known as your "moon sign" and it can be completely different than your regular zodiac (also known as sun sign). It is the answer to why you may feel like your normal zodiac sign doesn't fully express your true personality. Your moon sign represents your inner emotions, and it's calculated by knowing where in the sky the moon was on your birthday, at the exact time you were born.

There are many calculators available online, and once you know what your moon sign is, it can reveal a whole other side to your personality.


Born under Aries

You are a person who is assertive and determined. You are quick to react and tend to have a short temper. While they are extremely competitive, you aren't likely to hold a grudge.

Born under Taurus

You are sensitive and caring, but should be wary of being taken advantage of. You put everything you have into a relationship, but are possessive of your partner. You are open and loving to those who treat you right, but cold and closed off if someone hurts you.

Born under Gemini

Your mind moves fast and needs to be kept occupied. You enjoy goofing around, and are fun to spend time with. You have a hard time actually evaluating your emotions, and instead focus on what you think about certain situations. You are clever, curious and thoughtful.

Born under Cancer

You are an incredibly sensitive individual and are known to change moods quickly. You base your choices on your emotions and always go with your gut. Even though your emotions are right at the surface, you are still incredibly tough and protect yourself from others as needed. You tend to give people a few chances, but once they've broken your trust a few times they are locked out of your life for good.

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