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World's Most Expensive Whiskey Turns Out To Be A Complete Hoax

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Whiskey is by far one of the most internationally-beloved types of alcohol. Whether your choice is bourbon or scotch, single-malt or blended, Irish or rye, there are thousands of people worldwide who genuinely love a glass of this bronze nectar that dates back to Mesopotamia.


Of course, as with just about any type of hard alcohol, getting good quality whiskey can often come at a price. While some are content to sip and mix just regular ol' Jack Daniels or Jameson, self-proclaimed whiskey connoisseurs can expect to pay dozens, or even hundreds, of dollars for a single bottle of the rarer stuff.


Plenty of whiskey distilleries make small batches of whiskey that are often said to be that much better than anything you could typically get at your local liquor store, and they often have the price tag to match. Rare bottles of scotch aged for over 25 years can go for more than $300, and that's just for starters!

Montpelier Liquors

Suffice it to say, some people take whiskey very seriously, and are more than willing to pay a premium for it. With that it mind, it becomes pretty shocking to discover that a bottle of Macallan 1878, considered to be the most expensive whiskey in the world, was a complete hoax.

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