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Here Are 8 Of The Most Relatable Sign Language Words You Can Learn

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There's a world of languages you can learn to speak, including French, Italian, Japanese, and even Icelandic if you really wanted to! But one that you can quickly get a grasp of in no time is sign language!

There's nearly half a million speakers of American Sign Language, which is only one of many sign languages that you can learn. They are constantly adding new words to their vocabulary as our own language evolves, and it's incredible to see what they are coming up with!

Here are eight of the most relatable signs that you can start using in your everyday life!


This little guy was not all that excited to see Santa Claus this year! He coyly "told" his parents that he wanted out of there!


This is one that you can use a lot for the next week! Not sure if Mr. Claus would be too happy with them really accentuating the "bowl for of jelly" here!

Mr. Grinch

In case you run into anyone filled with Humbug instead of the holiday spirit, you can fill them in on this adorable Christmas tale!


This one makes a ton of sense, I'm sure your relatives will be able to figure this one out fairly quickly!

These next few are really interesting and good to use the whole year round! Just make sure it's in the right context...

Emoji ;)

This one is actually really useful, especially when you are talking to someone about a funny text you got!


This one might take you a second to understand, but if you've ever seen someone accidentally interrupt a perfect photo before, you'll start to understand!

"I Love You"

This is one you should be using every day! A great way to remember this is to think about how much people love rock music!


Yep. There's even a sign for your friends hard-to-believe stories! Make sure you add an eye-roll to this to really drive home the effect!

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