Mother Who Still Bathes With Her Pre-Teen Sons Sparks A Social Media Debate

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At what age do we let our kids do daily tasks on their own? That's an answer that every mother will answer differently.

There are some things that parents do or are accused of that will simply shock you.

For example, the mother who was accused by her own mother for "abusing" her son for breastfeeding and sleeping beside him is just downright ridiculous.

The grandmother said that her daughter needs to "separate" herself from her grandson because it's "abusive to keep him relying" on her.

Her little boy is only 11 months old, and requires the affection and nutrition that only his beloved mother can provide!

We can wrap our heads around a toddler being dependent on their mother since they're still young and need a lot of guidance to learn how to navigate this world, but this next story is definitely an eyebrow raiser.

Lauren Libbert is defending her family tradition of bathing with her 10 and 11-year-old sons, saying that there's "nothing to be ashamed of" and that we need to be more "open with our children."

Not everyone likes her idea of "openness," but first let's hear her out:

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