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Mother Humiliated After She Was Forced To Breastfeed In "Stinking" Bathroom Toilets

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One of the most crucial tasks for a mother is to make sure that their children are cared for.

As a parent, they're responsible for making sure their dependents are well-cared-for and in tip-top health, which involves keeping their bellies full.

While mothers typically breastfeed their kids until they're about one years old, some people aren't fond of the practice - or at least if it's done in public.

One woman was left "humiliated and embarrassed" after she was forced to breastfeed her newborn daughter in the handicap bathroom.

"They told me I had to go to the disabled toilet."

On October 18, Ellie Wbster, 23, was dining at W2 World Buffet in Middlesbrough, England when she needed to feed her one-week-old daughter, Lottie.

However, when she went to breastfeed her daughter in the restaurant, she was told by staff she couldn't do so in front of the other customers and had to use the washroom.

"They told me I had to go to the disabled toilet, Webster told Teeside Live. "I couldn't believe it. It made me so upset but I didn't want to make a fuss so I just went, but I was crying all the way there."

"I got to the toilet but it was brutal. There was no way I was going to breastfeed her in there - it's not hygienic."

Although Webster and her friends quickly left the establishment, they made sure to confront the management, who simply told her "it was policy."

"This is disgusting, I'm so sorry you had to experience this."

Later, the mother-of-two took to Facebook and voiced her frustration in a post that has since gone viral.

"Never in my life felt so humiliated and embarrassed about breast feeding my 1 week old daughter in W2 world buffet telling me I am not allowed to feed my daughter unless I go sit in the disabled toilets having to walk through the full restaurant in tears to go out the back in to a toilet that STUNK the toilet was broken making a noise that put the shits up her..

I'm sure now a days you are allowed you breast feed wherever and whenever needed!!!"

Several people showed their anger over Webster's distressing ordeal, and offered their words of comfort.

"This is disgusting, I'm so sorry you had to experience this. I would definitely look into your rights and take this further," one Facebook user said.

"I'd of sat there and carried on no way would I have fed my baby in a toilet. Can't imagine how u were made to feel. What a disgrace I'm sure they will lose a fair few customers now x," another person chimed in.

Another added, "There's a law protecting breast feeding mothers, you didn't have to move and if they told you to leave you could cause a stir, it's your right to feed baby where ever you please and it's disgusting that you were treat this way."

Following the incident, Webster and her peers planned a "nurse in" protest at the restaurant the next day.

"Tomorrow, we will stand and show the people of W2 that we will not stand for bullying breastfeeding mother's in our tow n.Please join us and show your solidarity," the Facebook event page read.

"Bring food, picnic blankets, cushions, camping chairs, toys for little ones. Remember some change for a cup of tea if you can. Feed your lo's if you want or just stand with us and show your support."

"We want to apologies to all parties involved."

After receiving an onslaught of public backlash, W2 World Buffet issued a statement apologizing to Webster and the embarrassment it had caused.

"We have received a lot of comments regarding a recent complaint made about breastfeeding in our restaurant.

Firstly, we would like to apologize to all parties involved. The situation that occurred was the actions of an inexperienced staff member. It is not our company policy to tell mothers where they can breastfeed.

We have also spoken to the Middlesbrough Council and we have signed up to show our support of breastfeeding anywhere in our premises.

Once again, we want to apologize to all parties involved. We can't change what happened but we will do everything to ensure it doesn't happen again including evaluating our staff training and informing all staff members of what has occurred."

However, Webster claimed it "wasn't the way it was."

"A manager rang me just before they put the statement up," she said. "But the manager I spoke to while we were there said it was their manager's policy."

"I will never go there again."

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