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Mother Panda Cuddles And Comforts Her Tiny Baby [VIDEO]

Although they are no longer endangered, as a species the Giant Panda is still classified as vulnerable. The World Wildlife Fund reports that there are only about 1,864 of these gentle, peaceful creatures living in the wild today.

At birth, baby pandas are about the size of a stick of butter, or 1/900th the size of it's mother - talk about an easy delivery! Born blind and virtually hairless, they are 100% dependent on their mother's protection and care.

A full grown panda can reach up to 330 pounds, but don't let their size and round figure fool you, these bears are excellent climbers!

Wild pandas typically live in remote, mountainous regions in central China, but there are about 100 captive pandas are being cared for in zoos around the world.

In video footage shared by Pandapia, a mother panda comforts her tiny baby as it rests on her stomach in China.

Like all good mothers, she gently rocks and hugs her baby close. As he drifts off to sleep, she licks his little face, covering it with sweet panda kisses.

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