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Mother Who Took Royal Photo At Sandringham House Says It Has Changed Her Life

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Karen Anvil

A single mother who took the Christmas snapshot of the royal “fab four” said taking the photograph has changed her life.

Karen Anvil, from Watlington, Norfolk went to Sandringham House on Christmas day with her daughter Rachel to get a glimpse of the royal family as they greeted the awaiting crowd.

By chance, Anvil was able to take a picture of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, all adorning flashing smiles.

The photograph, which was taken on an iPhone SE, has been sought out by 50 publications around the world for rights to use the image, including the U.S., Canada, Spain, Italy, and Japan, BBC reports.

Anvil said she originally planned to distribute the picture for free, until she realized its worth.

"My phone will ring at work and I have to say to my colleagues, 'oh it's just my agent,’” Anvil said. "Obviously they think it's hilarious, but I feel so silly."

“There’s a picture of me and Rachel in Hello [magazine] too – that’s the one I was happiest about. It couldn’t get any better than that,” she added.

According to TMZ, the picture has raked in about $6,700, with the final number still to be calculated.

Royal Photo Taken By Single Mom Has Already Made Thousands in the U.K.The single British mom who snapped a viral photo of the Royals explains why she charged for it.

And she already knows how she’ll be spending the dough.

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